About Harnlen SEO

About us – We are social media expert and SEO Services company that focuses on optimum performance.

Our SEO teamwork as a social media expert is pride to have a great work ethic, integrity, and end-results for bringing success stories into here.

About Harnlen SEO, is part of a web hosting company Mental Model Sdn Bhd, which offers extensive range of IT services for all business level. With our dedicated engineering support, we are managed to consult for high-end and high-volume projects.

About Harnlen SEO

SEO Philosophy

About digital marketing and social media expert, we believe that true SEO work is never-ending. Competitors of traffic ranking never stop to take over the top position.

Our SEO team always keeps track of the web traffic activities with specific monitoring tools.  Because we committed to delivering professional services and capabilities to maintain our clients’ website always stay at the top-ranked position, so that the competitors don’t jump ahead.

As part of the social media expert, we will consecutively observe any related traffic link to client’s website.

Our Philosophy


Our Mission

  • Our SEO team committed to touch the horizon where our capabilities can successfully reach our client’s requirement.
  • Cost-effective and work efficiency together with ultimate transparency.
  • Social media expert always achieve the best of marketing, strategic and technical skills to solve real business problems.
  • Innovative e-commerce solutions for the optimization of the growth of the company.